(Tensegrity Workshop August 23-27, 1997)
The First Series :
"Running Man"

Note: always start with right side. These passes all begin in supine position with legs straight and parallel unless otherwise stated. Also, unless stated, the toes are pointed toward the ceiling. The inactive leg may be bent to relieve back stress. Lift head whenever necessary. Use abdomen muscles. The mat should not be too soft. DO THEM SLOWLY AND MAKE TIME BETWEEN FOR THE LULL.

1. Paddling With the Feet: Legs outstretched on mat, lean legs to side, make outward circles with the feet. Sequential.

2. Paddling to the Sides With the Edges of the Feet: Legs straight and feet parallel; uncontrolled vibration of both legs without moving them , making sure the entire leg is involved (tense entire leg with flexed pulled back toes.) Unison.

3. Splashing the Stream of Awareness with the Soles of the Feet: Extend and flex feet, alternating straight leg pushes with the hip with flexed feet, but legs kept straight and on mat. Alternating.

4. Scooping the Glow of Awareness: Lift leg - scooping and splashing motion with one foot onto the other foot; active leg kept raised. Sequential.

5. Smearing the Glow of Awareness Onto the Legs: Lift right leg; make 3 scooping motions with right foot as in number 4, then place sole of right foot on top of the left leg at ankle level and rub the right foot up the left leg as far as you can, smearing the energy. Scoop again 3 times with right foot, this time smear energy along inside of left leg. Scoop again 3 times, but this time, raise the left leg vertically, and smear energy along bottom of the left leg while smearing with top of right foot. (Working leg is always in the air.) Sequential.

6. Splashing the Stream of Awareness with a Backward Jerk of the Feet: Slowly extend right foot (dipping toes into sea of awareness), then quickly, with a jerk, flex foot (splashing foot). Alternate.

7. Smearing Awareness on the Entire Leg: Dip right toes into sea of awareness, raise right knee 90 degrees, toes pointed to ceiling; place hands on right ankle, and smear awareness along entire leg, as you straighten the right leg; repeat leg raising and smearing two more times. (Short Pause.) Sequential.

8. Smearing Awareness on the Chest: Raise the leg several inches off the floor; flick out with the foot, then flick inward; make small outward circle with entire right leg, then small inward circle. Straighten leg, dip toes and flick back, raise right knee 90 degrees. Now, smear energy up with both hands, starting with hands on ankles. Bring the right knee into the chest, raise the head, and hug the bent leg tightly into the chest for a count of ten. Sequential.

9. Pedaling with the Feet: Alternate dipping toes. Alternating.

10. Smearing Awareness on the Abdominal Region: Dip both toes at the same time; pedal with the feet, while raising the legs [with bent knees], till the legs are vertical. Pull the energy down the legs with the hands and then rub into abdomen; hug knees to chest for count of 10. Unison.

11. Making the Feet Slide on the Surface of the Shallow Stream: Lift right leg slightly; keeping it straight, cross it over left leg at ankle/calf level (do not lift up the hips); now slide it using ball of foot looping over to the right about 2 feet, then loop it back to end up crossed again over left leg (this motion is like a wide horizontal teardrop). This is all one continuous motion. Keep leg lifted. Sequential.

12. Kicking the Water with the Heels: Raise right leg about 6 inches, turn right foot out to right; Leg is stiff and straight; kick out leg at 45 degree angle; retrieve, pause and repeat. Sequential.


The Second Series :
"On the Run"

1. Stirring the Stream of Awareness with the Balls of Both Feet: Legs extended, tighten calves, so that feet are slightly raised off floor (calves remain tight during entire pass). Flex and extend both feet at the same time. Unison and parallel.

2. Pushing the Glow of Awareness up toward Two Centers of Vitality: Tighten stomach, raise right leg up slightly, and move it to the right 45 degrees and bend the knee sharply; foot is flexed back. Tense the buttocks and hamstrings. Slowly and forcefully push the right foot downward to straighten it. The foot never touches the floor during this exercise. Sequential.

3. Agitating the Glow of Awareness with the Feet and Legs: Bend right knee sharply, keeping knee on floor (it may be necessary to raise the left hip slightly in order to keep the right knee on the floor), foot is flexed back at ankle. Slowly and forcefully push the right foot down, keeping knee on floor, until right leg is straightened. Sequential.

4A. Dispelling Unnecessary Fatigue from Two Centers of Vitality with a Blow: Both hands in monkey scooping position (at level above pelvis), lift hands in an arc and lay on vital centers grab energy with fists and strike out to sides with back of both fists. Unison.

4B. Dispelling Unnecessary Fatigue from Two Centers of Vitality with a Blow (traditional): Same as 4a except grab energy and push slowly and forcefully energy toward ceiling with fists, open hands twist under and grab energy pull down slowly and forcefully to chest, slide to vital center, open hands on vital centers and rub. Unison.

5A. Pointing Toward the Zenith with a Blow of the Wrists: Hand hurls energy like a knife to ceiling from shoulders. (Collar bone/shoulders come off the floor.) Alternates.

5AA. Same as 5A. Unison.

5B. The Teepee: Heels of hands on ribcage, elbows out to sides, not touching floor. Join three middle fingers of the hands together as you raise the hands up in a prayer position, bringing the elbows in towards the center as you push upwards and push the hands together with great pressure. The hands eventually almost totally come together except for the heels of the hands. When the arms are fully extended upwards (with the shoulder blades off the floor) pause and then relax the arms. Unison.

6A. Striking with the Tips of the Fingers over the Centers of Vitality: Flat palm, skimming above body, from just above breast, diagonally strike across opposite vital center (Quick motion). Alternate.

6B. (Traditional): Directionally like 6a but slowly and touching body. When palm reaches vital center it slides off body and lifts quickly up.

7. Moving the Feet in Inward Circles in the Stream of Awareness: Separate feet to shoulder width. Make inward circles, toes pointed to ceiling. Unison.

8. Landing Lightly in Fields of Energy by the Sides of the Calves: Lift right leg cross over left leg below knee level and tap floor lightly with heel. Bring back to opposite side keeping foot at same level and tap heel lightly on right. Sequential.

9. Pumping Energy with the Soles of the Feet put Together: (Frog Swim) Place soles of feet together on mat (knees sharply bent and out to the sides). Slowly and forcefully slide the feet down straightening the legs (and always keeping heels together). The toes will be apart at the end, pointed out. Unison.

10A. Splashing Energy on the Centers of Vitality with a Blow: Start with arms straight, out to sides at a 45 degree angle (hands at thigh level). Place left hand over liver, then place right hand (palms are facing abdomen) over pancreas (left hand always is above-nearer to head-and right hand is always below-closer to feet, in this pass). Raise elbows; hands grab energy simultaneously, making fists, and forearms strike out to the sides with soft part of fist. Open hands at end and lay into starting position. Unison.

10B. Splashing Energy on the Centers of Vitality with a Slow but Strong Push: Same as above in 10A, but after grabbing, the fists are pushed up and out very slowly to the sides. The arms are held very tight throughout. Note: when forearms are perpendicular, lower elbows to mat then forcefully lower forearms so that the soft part of fist touches floor then slide arms down to 45 degree starting position. Unison.

11A. Slamming Energy onto Two Centers of Vitality with the Palms of the Hands: Slap diagonally with the palms of the hands: the right hand towards the left hip and vice versa. The palms face the feet, and the fingers point to opposite side. Alternating.

11AA. As 11a but not diagonal. Palms strike pointing together from breast to below vital center. Then make big outward circle and restrike. Unison.

11B. As 11a but slowly and forcefully.

12A. A Strike with the Fingertips to the Center for Decisions: Arms are bent, elbows facing feet, hands by ears and facing the ears. Thrusting arms up, with fingers pointed to ceiling, at collarbone level (above the decision point).

12B. Left palm rests on top of right hand - together pointing at ceiling (wrists are above v-spot). Slowly and forcefully push hands toward zenith while pushing them together. Arms end up in diving position toward zenith with shoulders off floor. Pass can be done either alternating or sequential.

The Three Breaths for On the Run

1. Breathing Infinity: Start with hands on vital centers, fingertips facing. Slowly, while inhaling, raise arms up and towards head in a semicircle, ending with palms facing each other, by the ears. Then, still inhaling, raise the arms straight up at shoulder level, palms facing each other. Flip hands so that palms face ceiling. Begin exhaling as hands are brought slowly down by the ears. Then, with full exhale, push hands down towards feet, with palms facing feet, until arms are straight.

2. The Top of the Lungs Breath: Hands down by sides on the mat. Place hands on thighs. Brush hands up front of body with slow, controlled inhale. Raise hands and arms above head. Exhale while pushing hands down till arms are straight, palms facing feet.

3. The Lateral Breath, or The Breath that Gets Rid of Everything Unwanted: Hands on vital centers. Inhale while bringing arms out to sides on mat at shoulder level, with palms facing feet, index fingers extended, other fingers flexed. Open the palms while bringing hands down to cross in front of pubis, fingers pointing to toes, while exhaling. Raise head during the exhale.


The Third Series :
"Unbending Purpose"

1. Lateral Circles on the Stream of Awareness: Simultaneous outward circles with both feet. Unison.

2. Vertical Leg: Leg points to zenith with flexed foot, then both toes point and hold for a count of 10. Sequential - without rest.

3. Stirring the Glow of Awareness with Each Leg Like a Pump: Straight leg up and down without touching floor 30 X. Grab energy at knee - yank up to waist, right leg over left and turn on side keeping shoulders on floor, spread energy on kidney/adrenals. Sequential.

4A. Stirring Energy from the Navel to Above the Head with Two Fists: Right fist above head, left fist at navel - alternate positions with a strike. Sequential.

4B. Same as 4A, but slowly and forcefully on the midline of the body.

5A. Bringing Energy from the Sides to the Two Centers of Vitality, and then Projecting it out with a Blow: Hand out at 45 degrees, bring to vital center on opposite side, grab energy and pull out with a blow, open palm, twist hand, grab, pull back to same vital center with blow and rub in, return to side. Alternating.

5B. Exactly the same as 5A, but performed more Slowly, forcefully, and fluidly. Alternating.

6A. Moving Energy from Above the Head to the Pubis: Both arms crossed at wrists above head with palms facing forward, right on top - hands swing around and cross again at pubis with right on top, palms facing body, both hands strike out to sides simultaneously. Sequential.

6B. Same as 6A, but the strike at end is a slow and tense cut out to sides.

7. The Feet Stir the Shallow Stream by Moving From the Center to the Extreme Right and to the Extreme Left in Unison: Feet are flexed and move in parallel unison.

8. Transporting the Glow of Energy to the Muscles of the Inner Legs: Legs "walk" out 5X to a "V" as wide as possible - hold for count of 30, grab high (yank) on inner thigh and spread on vital centers.

9. Transporting the Glow of Energy to the Area of the Lower Back: Right foot under left butt cheek and grabbing/lifting right foot with left hand - hold for count of 30. Grab right thigh with right clawed hand, rip energy up R leg and rub into left vital center while R straigtening leg. Alternates.

10A. Making a Ball of Energy by Striking With Both Hands: Right hand above, left hand below with wrists almost touching and hands pulled back, held over v-spot as if holding a basket - hands rotate back and forth with a ripping action. Sequential.

10B. Exactly the same as 10A, but movement is slow and tense.

11A. Opening the Center for Decisions with the force of a Strike of the Two Forearms: Hands stacked above v-spot, right above left with palms facing feet, hands clawed, short rip to sides. Sequential.

11B. Same as 11A, but slow and tense.

12A. Bringing the Ball of Energy Inside the Center for Decisions with a Strike of Both Hands: Palms facing zenith, next to head - slap out from sides of head to above v-spot, yank ball of energy back to v-spot with clawed hands.

12B. Bringing the Ball of Energy Inside the Center for Decisions with a Gentle but Powerful Pull of Both Hands: Same movement, slow and tense.

Horizon Breaths:

Pushing Points of Energy Behind the Knees and on the Crook of the Elbow: Place toes of left foot into back of right knee. Hold hands inward at crotch with fingers pointing together and palms up. Inhale as hands and arms scoop upward above head. Left fingertips go into crook of right elbow. In this position exhale while lifting legs, bending body forward, and pointing right fingers at right toes. Alternating.

Breathing on the Two Center Lines of the Right and the Left Body: Feet flat on floor with knees up, scooping inhale to above head (same as in previous breath) - exhale as middle and index fingers trace two parallel meridians (inside of nipple width) down to top of knees, fingers outstretch on kneecaps - then inhale while smearing with same two fingers back up above head. Hands flatten and face each other, exhale while body bends forward and hands go down meridians towards feet while knees drop to sides, keeping soles of feet together. Alternating.

Breathing in the Glow of Awareness that the Leg Lifts Up from the Stream: Inhale: Simultaneous and parallel right leg and right arm lift to zenith, arm continues to above head. Exhale: Smear right hand down to genitals as right leg lowers. Inhale: Right hand brushes upward to above head while right leg lifts to zenith. Exhale: Right arm arcs to zenith with shallow exhale, then simultaneously arm and leg arc downward with forceful exhale as body bends forward - leg is slightly above floor. (Toe points in direction of leg.) Alternating.


The Fourth Series :
"The Legs Rule Vitality"

1. Slapping the Shallow Stream of Energy with the Soles of the Two Feet: (Legs in "frog" position.) Lay outer edge of feet so that little toes touch floor (bend knees to acommodate). Push balls of feet down and up while keeping sides of feet on floor. Unison.

2. Bringing the Glow of Awareness to the Knee Level and Pushing it Back: Lift leg up so knee is at 90 degrees, with foot flexed - forcefully push foot down without touching floor. Sequential.

3. Drawing Lateral Circles on the Stream of Awareness: Straight leg outward circles (10X+) then inward circles (10X+) without touching floor. Alternating.

4A. A Blow to the Projection of the Two Centers of Vitality Located on the Front of the Body with Open Palms: Place both arms at sides at 90 degree angles with palms facing each other. Alternately strike up with heel of palm from level of vital centers.

4AA. Same as 4A, but strikes in unison.

4AAA. Elbows on ribs with arms up 90 degrees with hands pulled back, strike laterally with fingers outward to sides.

4B. A Blow to the Projection of the Two Centers of Vitality Located on the Front of the Body with Open Palms (Lifting the Coffin Lid): Start in position of 4AAA., but lift heavy object upward slowly and with great force.

5A. The Edge of the Knuckle Punch Rips the Area of the Center for Decisions: Ripping back and forth along the center line of the body in an arc with hands in claw position (includes wrists jolts). Alternating.

5AA. The Edge of the Knuckle Punch Rips the Area of the Center for Decisions: Same as 5A, but the two hands rip in unison one above the other. Sequential.

6A. A Punch to the Center for Decisions and the Solar Plexus: Zenith fist punch to v-spot then at the Solar Plexus. Sequential.

6AA. Same as 6A, but with both fists in unison. Sequential.

6B. Same as 6AA, but slow and forceful. Sequential.

7. Splashing the Shallow Stream with the Two Feet Moving in Unison Like a Metronome: Spread heels to edge of mat, both feet go in and then out while keeping heels in place. Unison.

8. Gathering the Glow of Awareness with the Feet and Taking it to the Knee Level, and Then as Far up as the Leg Can Go Before Pushing It Down Again: Flex knee up, then straighten leg, go back to knee position, bring down to floor with straight leg not touching. Use abdomen. Sequential.

9. Rubbing the Glow of Awareness on the Front of One Leg, and Gathering it with a Lateral Swing of the Other Leg: Right foot goes on top of left foot and brushes up as far as it can. Then right knee drops toward floor. Straighten right leg to the side without touching floor and repeat from start position. Continuous fluid movement. Sequential.

10A. Striking the Center for Decisions with the Forearm: Forearm strikes out above v-spot (fists face feet). Alternating.

10B. Same as 10A except forearm stretches from shoulder out and rubs across v-spot slowly. Alternating.

11A. A Blow to the Top of the Head and to the Shoulders of the Energy Body: Soft part of fist - two strikes to each side, one at head level the other at shoulder. Alternating.

11B. Rubbing the Top of the head and the Shoulders of the Energy Body: Two rubs at each point (as in 11A.) for 4 rubs on each side. Alternating.

12A. Slashing Across the Center for Decisions: From arms at sides, bent upward at 90 degree angles with fists facing feet - alternating strikes across v-spot to opposite shoulder. Alternates.

12B. Same as 12A but slowly and forcefully.

Zenith Breaths

The Three Loops of Energy: Shallow inhale: right hand at side, bring to solar plexus, then it circles down 3 times to cup at pubis as the body bends forward and legs lift up. Shallow exhale: pull cupped hand to navel and lay body flat. Exhale as hand makes twisting scoop and points to zenith. Alternating.

Awakening the Calves: Inhale: Hand moves from beside body to wrist on navel with fingers pointing toward zenith. Exhale: body jacknifes, arm points down between knees - slap right inner knee with back hand and then left inner knee with palm. Hand moves back to pubis and cups up to navel. Arm extends and points to zenith.

Twisting the Body: Right hand at side. Inhale: Lift hand to left vital center, pull back wrist so fingers point down left leg. Hand crosses body to right hip - 3 loops to crotch (with 2nd loop body jacknifes) - back of hand at pubis. Exhale: palm covers face and moves down to navel and makes a twisting scoop at navel and points at zenith.


The Fifth Series :
"The Wheel Of Time"

1. Splashing the Shallow Stream of Energy with the Feet Fully Turned Out to the Right and to the Left: Tilt feet out as far as possible, move straight legs out and in. (short fast movement) Unison

2. Crossing the Knee as the Ball of Energy is Held with the Tops of the Feet: Pull back legs, knees up and feet slide on ground. Stretch them back down, cross the right over the left, pull up again so the ankles are crossed over the pelvis. Stretch crossed legs to zenith, cross them further untill right knee is over left, now slowly lower legs to ground and hold for count of 5. Alternating

3. Lifting the Ball of Energy all the Way to the Center of the Body with the Tops of the Feet, one Foot at a Time: Pull back right leg, knee up as foot slides on ground. Stretch right let back down (don't touch ground), dip into stream and bring leg to vertical position. Slide left leg back and lift buttocks with left leg, then place palms under buttocks, then return left back leg down. Make one outward circle with right leg, now drop straight right leg to right side (don't touch). Pull left hand out to brace - twist as right leg crosses fully to left and shoulders stay on ground. Hold for ten count. Sequential.

4A. Striking the Projection of the Two Centers of Vitality on the Front of the Body: Place both hands on vital centers. Strike up with fingertips and backhand slap, then back to vital centers and rub. Repeat two more times, then rest. Unison.

4B. Like 4A, but slowly. When arms are extended, twist and grab energy and forcefully pull it back to vital centers. Unison.

5A. The Adrenal Punch: punch down with fist from above vital center to middle of thigh. Alternate.

5B. Same as 5A, but arms slow and tense in unison.

6A. The Ripping of the Line that Joins the Left and the Right Body with a Slashing Cut of Knuckle Punch: Back of hands face each other at pubis in clawed position. Right claw pulls up the center line over head, arm twists, so palm faces in, then strikes down to groin, finish movement by doing the same on left side. Alternates.

6B. Same starting position as in 6A. Right arm goes out and up in an arc over head, then slowly claws down the center line of the body. Alternates

7. Agitating the Shallow Stream with the Feet Held Vertically: Heels off floor with calves tensed, whole legs flick out to sides and back together.

8. Bringing the Glow of Awareness to the Height of the Calves: Pull parallel legs up 90 degrees (chair position), legs flick in and out in unison.

9. Lame Man: Body forms a "C" facing to the right by moving legs to the right and upper body. Hold for count of 10. Left foot rests on top of right, as right hand points at right foot.

10. Moving the Wheel of time on its Axis, Horizontally: Hold wheel above v-spot, with right hand above v-spot and left hand above vital centers - move back and forth in sharp 180 degree turn clockwise. Sequential.

11. Moving the Wheel of Time on its Axis, Vertically: Hold the wheel just above the chest, right hand holds from below the wheel (thumb on top) and left holds with arm on top of the wheel (thumb below). Slowly and forcefully (without squeezing wheel), push wheel from behind into vertical position with left hand and support with right. Sequential.

12. Rolling the Wheel of Time Back and Forth: Hands at sides with right hand holding the wheel, left hand moves to left vital center - palm raises straight up and flips back. Right arm raises and places wheel in left hand. "Spin" wheel with right hand 20X, make whirring sound and then take wheel with right hand and lay to side. Left palm flips toward body and places on the same side vital center. Sequential.

The Wheel of Time (Fork Breaths)

Pushing the Centers of Vitality: Inhale with hands on ribs. Exhale: push ribs together with hands. Put heels of hands on hips and push down on crest of hip bones. Inhale. Hands on vital centers and exhale while you tickle. End by lifting hands over head and coming down in "V" shape at pubis while lifting legs with feet spread in "V" shape also. (Fork Breath) Unison.

Rubbing the Centers of Vitality: Hands brush up chest 5X, brush 5X on vital centers, then 3X on genitals with thumbs locked - left thumb on top. Follow with fork breath.

The Shallow Breath on the (3) Centers of Energy: Rapid shallow breath through nose (Breath of Fire) 20X with hands on chest, then 20X with hands on vital centers and then 10X with hands on groin. Follow with fork breath.

Concentric Circles Around the Navel: The Circular Energy of the Right Body: Hand crosses body with flat palm on opposite nipple, inhale as elbow raises (gill), concentric circles with fingertips to navel - end by inserting right index finger into navel. Keep finger in navel and inhale while raising right elbow. Exhale with 1/2 of fork breath.

Weaving Energy from Right to Left and from Left to Right: The Waving Energy of the Left Body: Cross fingers on top of chest with fingers pointing into chest - inhale. Wrists come together with back of hands facing each other. Exhale as flat palms weave down body - ends with hands on top of same thighs. Inhale in position. Exhale as hands weave back up and return to crossed finger position. Inhale in position. Exhale with fork breath.


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